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Top Best Board Certified Plastic Surgeons New York City

Top Best Board Certified Plastic Surgeons New York City

Finding a board certified plastic surgeons, who is an expert in plastic surgery is very crucial in getting the results you desire. Choosing the best surgeon will provide you with great confidence for years to come, due to successful plastic procedures done. New York City is full of a number of certified plastic surgeons you can look up to, in-case you need to enhance your appearance.

List Of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons New York City

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1. Adam R. Kolker

Dr. Kolker is one of the best board certified plastic surgeon in NYC. Kolker is an expert cosmetic surgery of the body, breast and face. With Dr Kolker you assured of attaining appearing results. In year 2015, Dr Kolker was rated as the best plastic surgeon by New York Magazine.

2. Andrew Jacono

Dr. Andrew Jacono is a dual (Reconstructive and facial plastic surgeon) board certified plastic surgeon in NYC He was named as one of the best facelift surgeons in NYC and America at large. Dr Andrew specializes in cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty, facelift and eyelid lifts. If you need a nose- job surgery this is the Dr to look for.

3. Dr Kevin Tehrani

DR. Tehrani is the most popular aesthetic surgery expert. He is board certified plastic surgeon in NYC. He is the founder and director of Aristocrat plastic surgery. This is the plastic surgeon to look for in case you want to get that beautiful look you desire.

4. Dr David P Rapaport

Dr. David is a board certified plastic surgeon NYC, who is an expert in liposuction and breast augmentation. Dr David owns a private plastic surgery practice at Upper East Side of Manhattan on 5th Avenue.

Tattoo Removal Effectiveness

Tattoo Removal Effectiveness

henna-makeup-1-1435829Most dermatological surgeons will agree that there is no way possible that all tattoos can be removed or that complete tattoo removal is possible. There are less than a handful of people who are willing to do tattoo removal that will say that they can guarantee you 100% removal. I would ask them to see some examples of other tattoos which they have removed 100%, compare yours to them – size, colors & location. It tends to be a lot easier to remove a small tattoo of a lady bug then it does to remove a fire breathing dragon from your arm.

There is not one tattoo removal specialist that can tell or predict what one out of hundreds of different type of ink was used. Some inks break up easier than others. The majority of newer tattoo inks tend to break up quicker and easier than older inks. When getting a tattoo you should always ask: what is the base of the ink that is being used?

The best that you can hope for with your tattoo removal is that your tattoo will become light enough, that people will only be able to know that it is there because you point it out to them and it will happen, have a look at these before and after tattoo removal images and see for yourself.

Also that you do not have any complications, if you decide to go the route of laser tattoo removal, that could lead to scaring or any sort of pigment loss in the skin, you can read more about laser tattoo removal on the FDA website.

You basically have had a guy (or girl) tattoo artist draw on your skin with a needle and ink, it was supposed to be there forever, so it is going to take a little work to get it back out of the skin. Either through laser tattoo removal or painless tattoo removal. The choice is yours in the end.

One of the more common painless tattoo removal solutions is tattoo removal balm – which has been approved by the FDA and uses dermatologist equipment to remove the tattoo painlessly and quickly with a few short treatments.

How to Practice Natural Teeth Care

How to Practice Natural Teeth Care

What you put on your teeth matters. You know that if you want your mouth to be happy you need to have healthy and happy teeth. Most people choose to force this through the use of harsher chemicals and cleansers during their oral hygiene routine. The truth is, though, that there are plenty of natural ways to care for your teeth and gums. More importantly, choosing natural methods of caring for your mouth will help your mouth stay much healthier for a longer period of time. So how do you practice natural teeth care? Keep reading to find out or click here for the full article!

Use an antibacterial agent to brush your teeth. While toothpastes are great for helping you put fluoride onto your teeth, they aren’t often good at killing the bacteria that can seep into the enamel and your gums and cause problems. A good and natural product that will help you with this is tooth soap. You could opt for essential oils that have antibacterial properties but those are typically quite bad tasting. Tooth soap, on the other hand, can be applied to your teeth directly, and it doesn’t taste terrible and it does a great job of cutting down on the amount of bacteria and other problem causers in your mouth.

Floss your teeth every single day. Do not skip even one day. This probably sounds like a major hassle. Flossing is so annoying! If you do it every day, though, you’ll get pretty good at it and you’ll be able to do it in just a couple of minutes. Floss properly; make sure you’re up to date on flossing techniques. Flossing can help you get to places that a tooth brush just won’t go. It also helps actually physically remove things that a mouthwash might just wash over. This is also one of the best ways to help your gums stay as healthy as possible too, The tips we’ve shared with you are just the start.