Killer TRX and Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout

Killer TRX and Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout

TRX Fat Loss Workout

My top three fat loss training tools in my training studio are:

#1 The TRX

#2 Kettlebells

#3 Ropes

If you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level you need to check out this TRX fat loss workout I designed. I have been using the TRX system lately when I train in my studio and just recently I have added the ropes in my TRX fat loss workout to add a killer fat burn. I use push pull legs split routine in my TRX fat loss workout because this style provides killer fat burning and muscle building results. This TRX Fat Loss Workout also eliminates the tendency of hanging around the TV between sets or checking out last night’s sports scores on your phone. (Is that you?)

Get it done as fast as possible, get it in, get out is my motto. Who has time? I know I’m not alone. That’s exactly why I have been sticking to a few TRX fat loss workouts for my results.

I can take the TRX system and kettlebells home with me on the weekends, or on trips. That’s why I design a TRX fat loss workout for flexibility.

Using supersets in this TRX fat loss workout will humble anyone. I can remember starting these workouts after years of throwing around heavy weights and thinking “Man, I’m out of shape I gotta get my sh*$ together.”

Supersetting your TRX Fat Loss Workout may not be the most comfortable workout, but you get what you put into to it.

By giving everything you have in a TRX fat loss workout like this, you will become lighter, leaner, faster, stronger, agile and just an absolute bad ass.

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