Working with Home Decorating Accents – Decorating accents from floor to ceiling make a house a warm, inviting home

Working with Home Decorating Accents – Decorating accents from floor to ceiling make a house a warm, inviting home

Accents are, indeed, the most fun and some times the most challenging aspect of home decorating ideas.  Too many make clutter, too few leave a void.  You’ll find convenience  in decorating online and your mouse will become your favorite decorating guide.  Many of the decorating magazines will point you to their websites for more properties decorating content.

Artwork, whether it be fine oil paintings, prints, photographic or posters, carries out your interior decorating theme and colors.  The very most important aspect, however, is you.  Artwork gives your home decorating a personal expression.  Entire rooms have been decorated around a single treasured piece of artwork.  It doesn’t matter whether you start with the artwork or finish with it, using it well shows your interior home decorating skills.  Framing is a very important factor to your decorating style, more so than the subject matter of the artwork.  For example, a very modern abstract poster is never going to fit in with Victorian, however, vintage advertising posters, even though abstract, framed in an ornate gold frame, should work in nicely.


Wall Decor should definitely be tied to the style and theme of the room or it becomes a distraction rather than an addition.  A grouping of family photographs, framed appropriately to your style, are much more personal and interesting to you, your family and guests than a great deal of the wall decor available commercially.   If your photos are snapshots, there are mats available to accommodate them.  Using various size mats and frames in a grouping is esthetically very pleasing.

Mirror panels can add both light and space to a living area.  If home improvement is part of your decorating plans, it’s a good time to add mirror panels. Large framed mirrors used in a formal dining room have the same effect.  A small mirror over an entry table adds a sense of warmth and welcome.  In both cases, wall sconces on either side of the mirror adds a finishing touch.  Mirror frames and sconces come in a myriad of decorating styles.

Wallpapers. A large room can accommodate printed wallpapers,
a small room is better served with painted walls accented with borders. The Natural Fiber wallpapers can be used in a small room without over powering it and add great texture interest.  Cut-outs such as Wallies are great for decorating the kids rooms. Decoupage (pasting paper to a surface and varnishing to a smooth finish) although a lot of work, can sometimes carry out a theme than cannot be accomplished by commercial means.  As an example, old news magazines (Life, Look, etc. – purchase at auctions and garage sales) and use the full page ads on laundry detergent and appliances to cover the walls in a laundry room. If eclectic decorating is your style, you may find decoupage a good way to accomplish your unique ideas.

Wall sculptures.  Three-dimensional sculptures can be very effective in both traditional and contemporary decor.  I’ve seen some fine examples in both metal and acrylics.

Wall shelves and shadow boxes work well if not over done and are used to display interesting accent pieces and are very helpful in home organization projects.  When the grand kids grew up and we were dispensing with the bunk beds, we used the  wooden ladder as a display shelf for collectibles.  Very often some of the best decorating ideas come from things you already have.  When you see an interesting idea for something you already have be sure to add it to your home decorating catalog.


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